Carpenter Ant Bait Gels

Carpenter Ant Bait Gels-
Kill and get rid of carpenter ants using ant bait gels

Carpenter Ant Bait Gels

Carpenter Ant Bait Gel

Trusted by professionals and used in thousands of households worldwide, the carpenter ant gel is the most effective pest control product for the elimination of carpenter ant infestations. As one of the most common pests infesting North America, the carpenter ant is responsible for thousands of dollars of damage every year. By definition, carpenter ants are poisonous insects which generally infest dead and rotting wood but eventually they move their colonies indoors, infesting homes and businesses. When subject to a carpenter ant infestation, there is no point in thinking about calling in a professional exterminator to help you deal with the ant problem. As a customer, you will only end up losing hundreds of dollars to no true avails. As a matter of fact, all the professional exterminator will do is apply some carpenter ant gel, something which you can do yourself.

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Ant Gel Baits for Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ant gels are scientifically formulated pest control products which are made to be irresistible to carpenter ants. Biologically, carpenter ants are insects which crave sweet carbohydrates and proteins and the carpenter ant gels on the market these days are specifically designed to demonstrate unique aromas that will have ants devouring the poisons in no time at all. In addition to that, carpenter ant gels are also made to kill the insects slowly rather than being lethal. This basically means that once some of the carpenter ants in a house happily ingest the baited gels, they will then go on and take some of the poisons back to their colonies to share. This slow kill formula is essential and it is the main reason for the proven efficiency of carpenter ant gels for ant control because it ensures that the entire colony has time to ingest the gels before the powerful poisons get to work.

Carpenter ants are relentless pests which infest entire homes as well as businesses and it is a fact that many people waste thousands of dollars every year on ineffective ant control products and over-priced exterminators in an effort to combat these invaders. Carpenter ant gel is absolutely the easiest, the most effective and the least expensive way to eliminate an infestation of these voracious pests. Carpenter ant gel is trusted and used by pest control professionals all over the world.